Friday, August 24, 2018

Tank-Less Water Heater Bosch GreemTherm 9800

My water heater started leaking a few drops to many drops! Enough to constantly keep my boiler room floor wet!! Annoying yet my current 75 gallon unit was installed in 1992 !! It lasted more than the manufacturer's anticipated life !

This is what it looked like - big bulky and big waste of energy !!! These water heaters store water and its constantly heated at the temperature set by the homeowner - mine was sadly set at the highest setting.

The water is always heated, last couple of months the water has been slowly turning from light brown to dark brown !! I guess that was the sign!

I researched what is the appropriate replacement and got even more confused, speaking with sales folks at different companies through Long Island was not a pleasant experience as they want to squeeze you for every last dime !

My options - get another traditional water tank, get a hybrid which stores some water and uses a heat-pump technology to get on-demand hot water, and my last option was a tank-less system.

Unfortunately the sales folks at all large retail stores are knowledgeable on specific units, most of them wants to talk you out of whatever you selected and cannot answer any of my questions. One confused me with the number of application.

As the life of my existing unit was breathing its last few days of life - I had to make a decision !!! I called Dan Meloni ('s Father and Son team built my 2nd floor back in 2008. Dan refereed me to  some of his plumbing partners and I met with Mr. Pipe Plumbing ( absolutely the best of Long Island !!! His team recommended the Bosch GreenTherm 9800

The next day a 2 man crew showed up at my residence at 8:00 AM as expected, they started dismantling my old unit fast, efficiently and safely. by 2 PM they we all done with the installation of my Bosch GreenTherm 9800. I was exited to get this units as its with 11 GPM capacity and many other great features - including the WiFi module (not available in US until October 2018) you can get various usage data.

The most important thing about the tank-less system is that the water is heated on demand - so less energy !!! The traditional tank based systems are constantly heating water all day and storing. I am excited and hope to post more data after WiFi module is installed !!