Friday, August 26, 2016

My Solar Project in Long Island - email me for advice on SOLAR

After being scammed by Voltacon I regrouped and finally have solar working as of August 20th, 2016. I wasted a lot of time with friends who were in the Solar business and tried to scam me; I had the biggest solar contractors who proposed to build me systems from 13KW to 15KW and the proposals were around USD 72k to USD 85K without any rebates, discounts, tax deductions – so essentially these are all scams. No one needs such huge systems as in my opinion the best thing way to start is to build solar power system to generate enough power for your average use.

I decided to go with  a Fronius 10K inverter and LG265Watt Solar panels, the inverter was around USD 3K and the Solar Panels were around USD 6K. However the inverter didn’t include any monitoring capabilities – these were optional cards. I did purchase the WLAN and Ethernet Datacom card and waiting to install them as of 08/26/2016

The inverter allows you to have multiple arrays of PV panels, I started with the part of the roof with peak sunlight, 10 PV Solar panels were directly under the southern exposed sunlight for 6 hours – peaking around noon time; the other two PV arrays were to compensate for when the sun moves from East to West – these PV panels get the extra power that I needed as the sun sets and I am generating significant power from 7am to 6pm.

I don’t have any data or reports – but will post them here as soon as they are available; although I am producing more power  than I am using – I am not on any NET Metering plans – as I understand PSEGLI charges customers more money for the power usage after sunset; and they are lobbying to stop rebates, subsidies for Solar customers – so I am wondering what will happen to people who invested large sums into their Solar Projects and selling their GREEN power to the utility currently with the ROI model that includes the utility paying them for unused power ????

Voltacon & Voltasol solar inverters can burn your house down in US - don't buy !!

Be aware of FAULTY inverters not made for the US market. Earlier in 2016 I was very enthusiastic about building my own Solar Power solution after meeting with contractors, utility providers and other scammers.  My enthusiasm made me blind and I ended up purchasing a UK Voltacon Hybrid HSI inverter; the salesperson and his manager conned me into buying a piece of junk that will never work in the US without the risk of burning your house down!!!

The Voltacon and Voltasol are owned by the same company and all it is a scam for US buyers. The key difference that these clowns at Voltacon didn’t seems to understand is that while both counties has 230volts power. The only difference is that in the US the ground is in the center, creating "split" phases, reducing the peak voltage relative to ground and making it easier to interface low-power loads. But high-power loads (stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, etc.) operate across the full voltage, reducing the current required. And in the UK  240V is used with the neutral line strapped to earth, so the potential above ground is 240V. And the other difference is the “Hz” 60Hz in US and 50Hz in Europe and UK and some other countries.

With 60Hz, the transformers can be smaller and less expensive than for a 50Hz transformer. Although the difference is small, it can add up in a system with many transformers. Using 60Hz results in less flicker on lamps, but that really is not a factor these days. Hum and frequency noise are more readily audible with 60Hz and its harmonics than with 50Hz.

With 50Hz, electric power transmission over long lines favors it over 60Hz. The effects of the distributed capacitance and inductance of the line are also less at the lower frequency. Although 50Hz transformers require more copper and iron, 60Hz transformers require more expensive plates to prevent eddy current losses.

These are critical differences that the Voltacon sales team either didn’t understand or failed to explain or much more sinister that wanted to get my house burned !!