Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Customer Service by appointment ?

Many tech companies that value their customer's time are taking appointments for customer service and tech support. Apple is leading and innovating care strategy, it's a new concept and may be hard for some to accept and its a change . Do you make an appointment to see your doctor ? Your attorney ? Does it work ? Or do you have a service provider who wants you to go to their office and wait minutes to hours before you get some service ?

I have had the misfortune like many of you for being on queue and on hold for several minutes to hours before an competent person is able to help, sometime I called multiple times and multiple days before my issues are resolved - my worst experience was my healthcare provider Empire, I had to escalate twice to the CEO's office before my issues were fully resolved!! The internet is full of stories of frustrated customers on queues and incompetent care providers. Cable companies for instance are struggling for years on a care strategy.

I am willing to setup an appointment with my care or tech support agent  as long as I end up speaking with someone who can help solve my problem. 

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