Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Motion Sensing Sprinkler System

A koi pond in a large property will get attacked by hawks and other fish eating predators. I invested a ton of dough in fine Japanese, Israeli and even locally grown Long Island Kois and thru the years I lost many beautiful fishes to Mainly the native Long Island Hawks

This is my pond and by the fence is the Japanese landscape architecture, it's hard to see but my DIY motion sensor is on the second beam from the left.

Before I decided to build one, I bought the market leading motion sensing sprinkler. There are two commercially available products, these require 9v battery to operate; my units died after the first year of use and other brand frequently required battery change. Not a good solution!!

I bought all of the parts from eBay, the motion sensor must be for outdoor use, the sprinkler valve I used is a 12vdc. Essentially all I am doing is using the motion sensor to power the 12vdc transform which send the power to the sprinkler valve, opening it and the water passes to the sprinkler!!


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