Monday, May 21, 2012

Indaba Chenin Blanc 2010

Although this is not my favorite style of South African Chenin Blanc, I have to give them credit for making a relatively complex, terribly interesting bottle of wine. Typically, with South African Chenin Blanc, I can catch some of that Loire Valley earthy, mineral mustiness. This one does not have that to the extent I like. What it does have, that I am not all that happy about, is too much Granny Smith Apple malic acid. It dominates the palate and masks most of the other flavors. Possibly I tasted this too cold, because as it warmed, I started to make notes of mineral, and shale. It has a deep golden color. The mouth feel is medium plus bodied, with a very nice, oily, lanolin viscosity. The nose has a honeysuckle and dried hay. The honey continues on through the palate with some citrus, and even a little pineapple. The finish is mineral and citrus, with some honey.

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