Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sony Erricson P900

Another cool phone, way before its time. Its the iphone of the past. I loved this device, I bought several and gave it as gifts. I recently wanted to play with it, the new AT&T sim does not seems to work on this device. There are no upgrades or alternate OS. I would love to run DROID os on this phone since its already on the OPEN Unix platform.

Friday, May 28, 2010


This was really a cool media player; unfortunately the OS was not open and no one other than Archos ever developed any applications or games. I wish there was an alternat OS like DD-WRT etc

TV watch ?

I though t this was a cool concept; well the TV never sucessfully worked. I did not have the time to play with it and somehow lost the ear piece which was also the antenna. Now its just as useless as other crap in my celler.

Early digital camera with a real floppy disc

I bought this camera in 1989. It used a specially designed floppy disk to store the pictures. I loved the camera but couldnt find more discs.