Friday, August 24, 2018

Tank-Less Water Heater Bosch GreemTherm 9800

My water heater started leaking a few drops to many drops! Enough to constantly keep my boiler room floor wet!! Annoying yet my current 75 gallon unit was installed in 1992 !! It lasted more than the manufacturer's anticipated life !

This is what it looked like - big bulky and big waste of energy !!! These water heaters store water and its constantly heated at the temperature set by the homeowner - mine was sadly set at the highest setting.

The water is always heated, last couple of months the water has been slowly turning from light brown to dark brown !! I guess that was the sign!

I researched what is the appropriate replacement and got even more confused, speaking with sales folks at different companies through Long Island was not a pleasant experience as they want to squeeze you for every last dime !

My options - get another traditional water tank, get a hybrid which stores some water and uses a heat-pump technology to get on-demand hot water, and my last option was a tank-less system.

Unfortunately the sales folks at all large retail stores are knowledgeable on specific units, most of them wants to talk you out of whatever you selected and cannot answer any of my questions. One confused me with the number of application.

As the life of my existing unit was breathing its last few days of life - I had to make a decision !!! I called Dan Meloni ('s Father and Son team built my 2nd floor back in 2008. Dan refereed me to  some of his plumbing partners and I met with Mr. Pipe Plumbing ( absolutely the best of Long Island !!! His team recommended the Bosch GreenTherm 9800

The next day a 2 man crew showed up at my residence at 8:00 AM as expected, they started dismantling my old unit fast, efficiently and safely. by 2 PM they we all done with the installation of my Bosch GreenTherm 9800. I was exited to get this units as its with 11 GPM capacity and many other great features - including the WiFi module (not available in US until October 2018) you can get various usage data.

The most important thing about the tank-less system is that the water is heated on demand - so less energy !!! The traditional tank based systems are constantly heating water all day and storing. I am excited and hope to post more data after WiFi module is installed !!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Green Energy !!! My complete Solar Update

After planning for a couple of years I called all of the major Solar solutions providers in Long Island and got their estimates. One of them was an acquaintance; the three major providers reviewed my house, only one climbed the roof and sent an surveyor to get data for the best system. Unfortunately all three proposed solutions made most money while I received a tiny insignificant benefit based on the ROI calculations, clearly in-conflict of my interest but in-favor of exploiting Long Island homeowners. I started designing my own solution; I was unsure about the actual inverter so after a brief research I decided an hybrid inverter will be best for my house. I compulsively purchased the Voltasol HYBRID 3KW SINGLE PHASE SOLAR INVERTER HSI3000 48VDC

Only after receiving it, and trying to test it I realized that this was not to be used in US as it was a 240v single pole unlike the US 240v from 2 poles; the vendor didn't mention that after I specifically asked if this will work in US !!!

Please be aware of this brand, they sell as Voltacon and Voltasol - these are not to be used in USA no matter what they tell you!!! Unless its specifically available for the US 240v standard which is 2 pole !!!

I tried their support, requested technical support and they were rude and unhelpful. STAY AWAY from this brand !!!

After this initial failure I started looking at the FRONIUS brand, and purchased two models - the Fronius IG Plus @ 3.8 and 10.00.

The feature that Fronius presented was the world class and well established Tech Support center in the USA !!! Their support engineers were extremely helpful to a novice like me !!! Without their support I wouldn't be able to get this system up and running !!! Fronius also had well integrated reporting system with the LAN connected (wifi or wired). I was able to get help from a local electrician and install the two inverters.

The PVs were more challenging, as the two main system were mono and poly - I decided to get 10X LG265S1c-A3, 30 SolarWorld SW265W in Poly and 30 Cynergy 320 in Mono. A total of 20,200K in PV power but only 13.8K in Inverter capacity; this was done deliberately as several of the vendors that I invited for proposal suggested that I will have shady areas on my roof as I live in a area of the North Shore of Long Island with many tall trees surrounding my house. The additional PV are compensating as the Sun moves from EAST to WEST; so far the most I have produced is 73 KWh on a single day; the fall and early winter were not great for Solar power.

I also get the PSEG LI net metering application submitted and my smart meter was installed within a week while I need to complete the electrical certification and test the system. The Net Metering is a necessary evil !!

This is the front view while there are additional 3 sections not visible on this picture. 

Here is the full roof view 

Here is the electrical wiring of the PV to the Inverter !!!

I loved the entire learning experience; I appreciate everyone who helped and provided guidance !!! I already produced over 13.34MWh (mega watt) of power as of March 28th 2017!!! Saved 181 trees, and more than a ton of CO2 was diverted !!! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Solar is the way to go !!

I am still trying to optimize my system, here are some charts from PVOUTPUT. By the way PVOUTPUT is really an awesome tool.

check my site

I have two inverters but I have added extra PVs to compensate for the low sun light and the moving of the sunlight from EAST to WEST every day makes these systems less efficient. Also the cloudy and rainy days are pretty bad day for Solar power, obviously !

Friday, August 26, 2016

My Solar Project in Long Island - email me for advice on SOLAR

After being scammed by Voltacon I regrouped and finally have solar working as of August 20th, 2016. I wasted a lot of time with friends who were in the Solar business and tried to scam me; I had the biggest solar contractors who proposed to build me systems from 13KW to 15KW and the proposals were around USD 72k to USD 85K without any rebates, discounts, tax deductions – so essentially these are all scams. No one needs such huge systems as in my opinion the best thing way to start is to build solar power system to generate enough power for your average use.

I decided to go with  a Fronius 10K inverter and LG265Watt Solar panels, the inverter was around USD 3K and the Solar Panels were around USD 6K. However the inverter didn’t include any monitoring capabilities – these were optional cards. I did purchase the WLAN and Ethernet Datacom card and waiting to install them as of 08/26/2016

The inverter allows you to have multiple arrays of PV panels, I started with the part of the roof with peak sunlight, 10 PV Solar panels were directly under the southern exposed sunlight for 6 hours – peaking around noon time; the other two PV arrays were to compensate for when the sun moves from East to West – these PV panels get the extra power that I needed as the sun sets and I am generating significant power from 7am to 6pm.

I don’t have any data or reports – but will post them here as soon as they are available; although I am producing more power  than I am using – I am not on any NET Metering plans – as I understand PSEGLI charges customers more money for the power usage after sunset; and they are lobbying to stop rebates, subsidies for Solar customers – so I am wondering what will happen to people who invested large sums into their Solar Projects and selling their GREEN power to the utility currently with the ROI model that includes the utility paying them for unused power ????

Voltacon & Voltasol solar inverters can burn your house down in US - don't buy !!

Be aware of FAULTY inverters not made for the US market. Earlier in 2016 I was very enthusiastic about building my own Solar Power solution after meeting with contractors, utility providers and other scammers.  My enthusiasm made me blind and I ended up purchasing a UK Voltacon Hybrid HSI inverter; the salesperson and his manager conned me into buying a piece of junk that will never work in the US without the risk of burning your house down!!!

The Voltacon and Voltasol are owned by the same company and all it is a scam for US buyers. The key difference that these clowns at Voltacon didn’t seems to understand is that while both counties has 230volts power. The only difference is that in the US the ground is in the center, creating "split" phases, reducing the peak voltage relative to ground and making it easier to interface low-power loads. But high-power loads (stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, etc.) operate across the full voltage, reducing the current required. And in the UK  240V is used with the neutral line strapped to earth, so the potential above ground is 240V. And the other difference is the “Hz” 60Hz in US and 50Hz in Europe and UK and some other countries.

With 60Hz, the transformers can be smaller and less expensive than for a 50Hz transformer. Although the difference is small, it can add up in a system with many transformers. Using 60Hz results in less flicker on lamps, but that really is not a factor these days. Hum and frequency noise are more readily audible with 60Hz and its harmonics than with 50Hz.

With 50Hz, electric power transmission over long lines favors it over 60Hz. The effects of the distributed capacitance and inductance of the line are also less at the lower frequency. Although 50Hz transformers require more copper and iron, 60Hz transformers require more expensive plates to prevent eddy current losses.

These are critical differences that the Voltacon sales team either didn’t understand or failed to explain or much more sinister that wanted to get my house burned !!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Job, Employment & Government

President Obama, US Congress & the US Senate can fix the unemployment & economy just by offering TAX breaks to all US based multinational organizations that had to move their organizations to other countries to save US Taxes. The reality is hitting worldwide and EU members started the crack down and are now changing their TAX laws to charge higher taxes to these multinational organizations – US can take advantage of the situation and offer same TAX break which must gradually end over some period but organization will be required to create employment, invest in educational sponsorships. This fixes the economy, jobs & education and the dysfunctional broken US government! Its not a democratic or republican problem its an American Problem !!

Key Facts
Tax avoidance through offshore tax loopholes is a significant reason why corporations, which paid one-third of federal revenues 60 years ago, now pay one-tenth of federal revenues. U.S. corporations dodge $90 billion a year in income taxes by shifting profits to subsidiaries—often no more than a post office box—in tax havens.

U.S. corporations hold $2.1 trillion in profits offshore – much in tax havens – that have not been taxed in the U.S. General Electric, which uses a loophole for offshore financial profits, earned $27.5 billion in profits from 2008 to 2012 but claimed tax refunds of $3.1 billion.

Apple made $74 billion from 2009-2012 on worldwide sales (excluding the Americas) and paid almost nothing in taxes to any country. 26 profitable Fortune 500 firms paid no federal income taxes from 2008-2012. 111 large, profitable corporations paid zero federal income taxes in at least one of those five years.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Customer Service by appointment ?

Many tech companies that value their customer's time are taking appointments for customer service and tech support. Apple is leading and innovating care strategy, it's a new concept and may be hard for some to accept and its a change . Do you make an appointment to see your doctor ? Your attorney ? Does it work ? Or do you have a service provider who wants you to go to their office and wait minutes to hours before you get some service ?

I have had the misfortune like many of you for being on queue and on hold for several minutes to hours before an competent person is able to help, sometime I called multiple times and multiple days before my issues are resolved - my worst experience was my healthcare provider Empire, I had to escalate twice to the CEO's office before my issues were fully resolved!! The internet is full of stories of frustrated customers on queues and incompetent care providers. Cable companies for instance are struggling for years on a care strategy.

I am willing to setup an appointment with my care or tech support agent  as long as I end up speaking with someone who can help solve my problem.